A Soldering Iron Vs a Soldering Gun

Soldering is a process that is used within a number of different industries for different projects. This could be for recreational purposes or for something that has to do with the industry. If you want to be able to solder then you will need a soldering station.

There are plenty of soldering station reviews available online to read about so that you can find one that will work best for you. The process of soldering has to do with the melting of copper or tin; this is soldering. These metals are melted so that they can be combined with other materials and cut into different patterns or shapes.

A Soldering Iron Vs a Soldering Gun

A Soldering Iron Vs a Soldering Gun

In order to solder something you would have to have experience; in fact being a perfectionist in this type of hobby is a must! There are many techniques that are involved when it comes to soldering; however, if you are passionate about soldering then you can be quite successful at what you do.

There are two different soldering tools that are commonly used for soldering projects. The two tools that can be used is either a soldering gun or a soldering iron. Both tools have some similarities but there are things about these tools that cause them to be different.

Soldering Iron

The soldering iron is a tool that would be good for binding electrical material together and for jewelry as well. The iron has a variety of different ranges when it comes to wattage. The iron can be anywhere between 15-30 watts, and the temperature for the iron can get up to 350 F. With this temperature, you will be able to easily solder or melt materials and light metals in a very short time frame. The soldering iron is great for the soldering of any light tasks with smaller materials.

Soldering Gun

A soldering gun is a tool that has a higher wattage as opposed to the iron. The wattage for a soldering gun can range anywhere between 100 to 120 watts. This would mean that it could reach up to 2400 F; that’s very hot! In this case, this tool is appropriate for melting very heavy and strong metals.

Even though both of these tools have the same function, it is important that they are used on the proper projects or jobs. By knowing this information it is easy to assume that there are a broad variety of different projects that require the work of soldering.

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