Air Purifiers Recommended for those with Allergies

Are you someone that has asthma or do you suffer with other breathing issues? When you are dealing with such health issues it is even more so important that you have fresh air filling up your lungs.

Some people are so sensitive to the things that are in the air that they cannot really leave to go outdoors often to enjoy any activities. When you stay inside you can be protected from the substances that fill the air such as dust, pollen, etc. that can make it quite difficult for many people to breathe. Some people are so sensitive that these particles are dangerous and even life threatening for them to inhale.
Air Purifiers Recommended for those with Allergies

Did you know that the air in your home can be just as bad as the air outside if not worse? Apparently this has been investigated by The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In this case there are many people who suffer from allergies or asthma that are now turning to using the most updated technology to keep their sicknesses and medical conditions from getting worse.

Below we will be discussing some of the top air purifiers that are also the best ones to shop for on the market.

Electrostatic air cleaners

Air runs through the wires and the plates that these devices are created from and the dirty air is collected which in return clings to the filter on the inside of the device. You can then remove it and wash the filter that you can continue to use over and over again.


The Ozoner is generally one of the cheaper brands that you can opt for and it is quite small in size. It is an air purifier that you will often find in hospitals. Some of these air purifiers are actually around the size of a toaster. You may have seen these air purifiers in magazines or on infomercials on television. They have been known to kill bacteria lurking in the air as well as viruses, etc.

However, there has recently been a warning about this particular machine and the Environmental Protection Agency is saying that it removes too much of the ozone which can end up being fatal when people use it.

HEPA air cleaner

The HEPA air cleaners are quite popular and chances are that you have heard about them through someone or on television. HEPA was the name given to the product by the US Army. The air was cleaned by this technology during a nuclear project and was later released for public use.

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