All About Cold Humidifiers

Cold humidifiers, also known as cool mist humidifiers, are very popular with parents. When you’re seriously considering making a purchase of one, you should know that there are three different types to choose from. Knowing something about each of them may help you decide which one you should get.

First, there is the ultrasonic humidifier. This one makes a cool mist through vibrations. It’s not the most popular humidifier because of the white it leaves behind. The evaporative humidifier transmits moisture into the air through a fan.  Last, and the most well-known, is the impeller humidifier. This one works by throwing water at a diffuser that breaks it into miniscule droplets that enter the air.

Cold humidifier

Cold humidifier

Many people prefer cold humidifiers over the warm mist humidifiers due to the safety factor with children. Sometimes the steam from the warm mist humidifiers can burn a child. With the cold humidifiers, a child cannot be harmed by the cool mist they put out.

Besides the safety factor, it’s also energy efficient. A warm mist humidifier uses energy to boil the water for the steam. Cold humidifiers just use electricity to fan the water.  The biggest problem with cold humidifiers is that, because there’s no heat, the water in the tank can breed dangerous bacteria. It was found by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that ultrasonic and impeller humidifiers can put harmful minerals and microorganisms into the air. If these are breathed in, it can result in serious lung infections.

You can prevent any of this, though, by cleaning the cold humidifier as the manufacturer instructs. Clean the tank each day with soap and water by emptying the tank and adding a small bit of soap and water. Wash the whole tank, rinse it well, and refill it for use.

You should always use distilled water only in the tank. There are too many minerals in tap water that need filtering out. Cold humidifiers don’t filter minerals from the water because they don’t use heat. These minerals can also cause breathing issues.

As too much moisture can lead to problems, cold humidifiers should be used only when needed. Monitor your home with a hygrometer to keep the moisture at 30 to 50 percent. Check also dehumidifiers types if you need one.

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