Bathroom Cabinets and Other Bathroom Storage Units

Having an adequate amount of storage space in the bathroom is essential to make sure that your bathroom would be functional and practical for all the people who would be using it. There are plenty of bathroom storage options that you can get today from bathroom cabinets to shelves to linen towers. To help you out in deciding which one would be best for your bathroom, here is a guide on the different bathroom storage options you can choose from.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets have become a fundamental feature of most bathrooms today. In the past, bathrooms only had a sink, a toilet and a shower; however, in the past couple of decades, more and more homeowners and contractors started including bathroom cabinets in the basic bathroom design and layout. This is because bathroom cabinets can easily make a bathroom more stylish and functional, serving as the focal point of a space and providing plenty of storage for all kinds of personal care and grooming items and supplies.

Medicine Cabinets

Having a medicine cabinet in the bathroom is advisable, especially if you want to have a safe place where you can store medications and your first aid supplies that would be accessible to adults but cannot easily be reached by children. Most medicine cabinets today also come with a mirror, which make them even more practical to have in your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you can go for a recessed medicine cabinet to maximize the amount of space that you have.

Linen Towers

This storage option would be advisable for those that keep towels and cloth robes in their bathroom. Linen towers are usually tall and narrow storage cabinets that can fit even in tight spaces and often have a height from the floor to the ceiling.

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