Bathroom Towel Warmers 101

Towel Warmers

Towel Warmers

Towel warmers are either a self-contained oil-filled unit or a dry element used for warming the bath towels. These towel warmers are easy to use and can be installed in any home. The wet towel is placed on the rack and left there. Then the towel gets warm and sterilized for the amount of time left there. They add both function and elegance. These are also safe to operate.

So, they have an appreciable demand nowadays as they provide fresh and dry towels in a few minutes. The installation of a towel warmer in a bathroom gives a spa look.

These towel warmers are available in various types from traditional to contemporary. Some models of towel warmers are:

1. Hydronic Towel Warmers

2. Oil-filled Electric Towel Warmers

3. Plug in models

4. Floor standing models

5. Wall mounted model

6. Hard wired model

The materials used for making towel warmers are:

1. Stainless steel

2. Nickel

3. Brass

4. Polished chrome

Electric towel warmers are quite popular as they can fit well into nearly all bathrooms irrespective of the design, for any bathroom decor. These not only produces the warm towels, but they also reduce the bathroom moisture and musty smells. These towel warmers are manufactured from brassware and comprises of two vertical and several horizontal tubes depending on the size of the towel warmer.

Hydronic towel warmers are not only used for heating purpose, but also used as the interior decor of the bathroom and help in removing unpleasant odours. The rails of these hydronic systems can be installed easily with pump systems and are easy to operate. These types of warmers have a lot of space for warming towels or even to dry, washed clothes.

These are energy efficient towel warmers. Electric towel warmers cannot be adjusted and are set to provide the optimum temperature. With Hydronic Towel Warmers, it is possible to turn down the temperature of water source. The hardwired model comes with a timer whereas, Plug-in model do not have a timer. The hardwired model is bit expensive than plug-in model.

The wall mounted towel warmers can be easily installed. Itis a powerful efficient device, which consumes less energy, than other heatingdevices. These can be used mainly for smaller bathrooms. If the towel warmer is large, then it can be used as a source of heat for the bathroom. These towel warmers will heat depending upon the temperature of the room.

The towel warmers are mainly used to provide warm towels. Besides, they are used for a couple of other uses such as:

1. Drying small hand washable items

2. Jackets, damp coats can also be dried

3. To keep the towel fresh and germ free

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