Bedroom Storage Solutions

Something that everyone looks for in a bedroom is adequate storage. This makes sense because this is the place that all clothing is stored as well as any other personal items that you want to keep safe and convenient to reach. You’ll also want to accomplish this without the bedroom looking and feeling cluttered. There is actually an easy fix to this problem and it’s called a wardrobe.

When people decide to buy wardrobes for their bedroom, they need to keep some things in mind so that they select the best one for their belongings. For instance, the length of your clothing that you’ll be storing needs to be considered.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Longer items like dresses will need space that allows them to hang full-length. This space is typically around 5’ 3” in length. Items like jeans and t-shirts are usually folded and put in the drawers or on the small shelves.

Your wardrobe should measure a depth of at least 2’ and be deep enough to handle clothes hanging from a coat hanger. The height of your wardrobe can vary but higher is better. Many wardrobes are contemporary and built in. These are usually ceiling high.

You don’t have to use your wardrobe for just storing clothes, either. They can be used to store just about anything you need to put in them. While they usually do have some narrow built-in shelves and drawers, that still doesn’t mean that you can’t use those spaces to put away such things as books, games, writing and/or art supplies, and anything else that you may need to store. Once you start being creative, you’ll find that a wardrobe can be the answer to any of your storage needs.

Even though wardrobes are ideal for bedroom storage, they’re not the only choices available. You can also get nightstands, chest of drawers and dressers. These can be mixed and matched according to your various needs and tastes. Remember that storage doesn’t have to be in just one place. You can use under the bed space or even add shelves to your wall.

In the worst case scenario, you can use a spare room, attic, basement or even an outdoor shed. There are always alternatives if you just look around and get creative.

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