Blending The Kitchen Into The Rest Of Your Home

Remodeling the kitchen in an older home can radically transform the space. I have witnessed many properties that were revitalized by changes to the heart of the house. The kitchen is one of the first areas to be remodeled by a new homeowner because it’s one of the more highly utilized areas of the home.

And, there’s nothing more satisfying than tearing out the worn and outdated materials! New cabinets, flooring and appliances can breathe life back into your home leave your mind at ease.

Blending The Kitchen Into The Rest Of Your Home

Blending The Kitchen Into The Rest Of Your Home

For those of us looking to increase the value of our home, relieve some anxiety and most certainly bring in the new, here are a few helpful ways to do so:

Making Small Seem Big

I have seen plenty of Brooklyn real estate that features a small and cramped kitchen. These spaces can be opened up with the right plans for remodeling. Many homeowners choose to have a wall removed to connect the kitchen with a dining room or family room. Open space changes the entire feel of the home. The square footage won’t change, but the space will seem a lot larger.

Modernizing The Outdated

There are some important differences between the East Hampton real estate market and the Brooklyn real estate world, but there is one major similarity – Both markets features plenty of properties built a few decades ago. I know that most of these homes have great features, but need some minor upgrades. Opening up a small kitchen will make an older home seem modern and exciting. Open kitchens allow the entire family to share the kitchen and use it as the command central for the home.

Our families spend most of their time together hanging out in the kitchen. My family uses the space for homework, cooking together and sharing news. Comfortable and inviting kitchens draw guests in as well. If your layout prevents removing a full wall, I recommend making a peninsula to create a visual expansion in a cramped kitchen.

Updating the trim around the home will also modernize an aged house. Check the current color of trim in your home. Older properties tend to have darkly stained molding or bright pine trim. These woods can clash with more modern wall colors. A coat of paint is all I needed to make my Brooklyn home look nicer. A simple coat of white paint will make your new wall color pop. I also enjoy how contrasting colors for the trim can create a very contemporary style in even the oldest homes.

Covering The Details

The smallest details related to a remodeling job can make or break the end result. I recommend upgrading the most minor parts of a kitchen for a complete change. Consider the traffic flow of your current kitchen layout. I have been in many kitchens that have islands or cabinets in the middle of the main paths around the room. Visual appeal is important, but you also need to move around the space easily. I recommend laying out the refrigerator, stove and sink in close conjunction to make cooking more streamlined.

You may need to do some drastic remodeling work to improve the flow of traffic in your kitchen. Many areas only can be improved by removing walls, adding doorways or moving built-in features.

Yet, all this added effort will almost always be worth the reward – So if you’re having trouble deciding on whether or not to make that inexpensive wall removal or trend stone countertop, perhaps you should pull the trigger!

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