Budget Decorating For Your Kitchen

In lots of households, everyone gathers in the kitchen more than in any other room. This is especially true for those that love cooking and eating. This may be the reason that kitchens top the list for home improvement projects. While it may be fun to think about, it’s also one of the most costly projects you can attempt.

If you’re on a budget but still want to give your kitchen a facelift, there are options for you that are more affordable.

Kitchen Decorating

Kitchen Decorating

It’s not always necessary to replace all of your appliances, flooring, cabinets, or countertops each time you remodel. Rather, consider refinishing your cabinets and buying used appliances. Replacing your countertops and flooring can also be done with affordable options.

One way to change the look of the cabinets in your kitchen is to paint them. Use a lighter shade than they are currently and paint the outside and inside. White enamel offers a neutral look. Be sure to paint the handles, or polish them if they’re metal. Handles should be removed prior to painting the cabinets.

You can purchase laminate countertops and vinyl flooring that look just as nice as tile or granite. The cost will be much more reasonable and you can either install them yourself, or have someone professional install them. A stainless steel sink can be scrubbed to look as good as new. Changing the faucet to a more modern one will be more affordable than a new sink.

Appliances that are still in good working order may not need to be replaced. A good cleaning can make them look nice again. However, if they do need to be replaced, try researching used and refurbished appliances. Most of these are in excellent shape and will come with a guarantee.

Kitchens that have fireplaces can be updated by some good cleaning and a few small decorating ideas. Such things as some scented candles will create a hominess to that area. You can also hang up some antique cookware around the fireplace to give it a country feel.

Add some new curtains for a totally new look. You can buy them or even make them yourself. Either way, they’re a fast and inexpensive redecorating idea to use.

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