Caring for your Rose Garden

For rose lovers, these are the perfect flowers to add beauty to any home by planting a garden of them. Even if you’re a beginning gardener, you can grow roses that will be as lovely as the ones you’ll find at florists shops. Following you’ll find some suggestions to help make your rose garden the prettiest in the neighborhood.

Start off by choosing the gardening area. Since roses thrive in sunlight, you should make sure they’re getting at least 8 hours of sun daily. While a full day of sun is preferred, morning sun is better than the afternoon sun. Get the soil ready in your garden area. It needs to drain well and have a pH level of 6 or7. Roses grow best in in soil that organically rich. If the soil doesn’t drain correctly, your roses may develop diseases and the roots will rot. Once you’ve readied the soil, let it rest and settle for a few days.

You’ve got a variety of choices when it comes to roses. There are different breeds, colors and types. Decide what colors you want to have in your garden and then work to get them blended in together. Then figure out if you want climbing roses or bushes. If you want to be able to cut some for Valentines Day flowers or Mothers Day flowers, keep that in mind, too.

Now, you’re ready to plant your roses. You can choose from either container roses or bare root roses. If you select the bare root roses, the roots need to be moist. Place the roots in a container of water and organic matter to get moist enough. Then pull the roots out and cut off any soft areas.

Dig the holes where you want to plant the roses. Put some type of potassium like a banana peel in the bottom of the hole. In mild climates, you don’t have to bury the root. Cold climates need to be at least 3 inches under the ground. Pamper your newly planted roses. They need daily water for 3 weeks.

As long as your roses get a great start, there’s no reason they shouldn’t grow strong and healthy and continue to stay that way for a long time to come.

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