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What to do with Old Carpeting

Designer rugs and carpets are, as you are probably aware, not just rolls of textile hand woven by an artisan or spat out by a machine, but a composite of different materials. There are several…

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Why You Should Have Oak Hardwood Flooring

You have many choices when it comes to flooring, but the best one that you can make is oak hardwood flooring. Oak is highly durable no matter how harsh your weather may be, and it’s…

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Advantages of Tile Cleaning Services

So you have tile flooring and you need to get it clean. It’s been awhile since you cleaned the tiles and you want to get them super clean. So what do you do? You could…

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Time to Barter

Our grandparents knew all about the barter system and thank goodness it worked. Most of us know how this works and it could come to your advantage one day. This young man went off to…