Choosing Between Glass and Acrylic Blocks

When it comes time to decorate or refurbish part of your home, you might want to consider using glass block designs to enhance the lighting or add a bit of class to your bathroom. By choosing to use glass blocks or acrylic blocks in your design, you will need to figure out what you actually want to create first.

If you are going for something that is your own creation, then glass blocks will work out better for you as they can be sold in single blocks, and you are only limited by your imagination as to how you put them together.

Choosing Between Glass and Acrylic Blocks

Choosing Between Glass and Acrylic Blocks

However, acrylic blocks are lighter than the glass blocks and this can be the deciding factor for anyone looking to replace a window with a panel of blocks. You can also have the acrylic blocks be used as a functional window where the glass blocks will only work as a stationary window.

These things need to be thought of beforehand as it is not fun to replace them once you have glass blocks already installed. The good news is that both glass blocks and acrylic blocks cost about the same price so you aren’t wasting money on your purchase either way.

Both of these styles of glass blocks can be rated for different natural elements such as fire, earthquakes, and even bullets. This means they are much safer in an emergency situation than a pane of glass. You will also find that glass and acrylic blocks will also keep out more harmful UV rays and have a higher R-value than single paned windows have. Of course, you won’t be able to see clearly through them as visual range is distorted depending on the style of blocks you purchase. But they still let in a decent amount of light.

Choosing between glass and acrylic blocks basically comes down to your own personal preference in the matter. You might want to consult a contractor to make sure you are not trying to put glass blocks on a load bearing wall, however, because they are not rated for that. Acrylic can be placed on a load bearing wall, but you cannot purchase them individually so you need to make sure panels will work in these places.

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