How To Decorate Your Nursery In An Imaginative Fashion

When you want to splash some new life into your kids space, it’s a good idea to get in a creative and imaginative mind-set. Your little one needs a room which is bright and welcoming, and at the same time interesting. Here are some simple tips to help towards a perfect living space for your loved one.

Bright Colours

It used to be common place for nurseries to be decorated to keep a baby relaxed and calm by using soft pastel colours. But more and more families are opting for a more exciting bold look for them to be in. Babies are fascinated by these brighter colours and will enjoy them. So when you are finding bedding, primary colours with busy patterns are a great start.

How To Decorate Your Nursery In An Imaginative Fashion

How To Decorate Your Nursery In An Imaginative Fashion

Window Treatments

Loose, large window treatments can prove dangerous to a toddler. Kids roman blinds are a safe option because they fit securely within the window, this leaves nothing for the baby to get tangle up in. The cords are also out of reach with the use of hooks too high for toddlers to get hold of. This also helps the room have a polished, clean look. The biggest advantage with using kids roman blinds is that there is a huge choice of fabrics featuring fun designs that your child will enjoy.

Family Portraits

The first thing you usually think about hanging on the walls of the room would be cartoon characters. You could also consider splitting these up with hanging mounted photos of their relatives. This will help them remember them which can be hard if they live far away and therefore don’t see them every week. This can also help with stories about their relatives.

Wall Decals

A relatively new feature which is being used more recently is wall decals. This is where you have wall clings that depict landscapes or a garden. What is great about this is that if the child grows out of the particular design, you can remove it with ease. This is a far easier task than it would usually be with wallpaper. Because there are so many to choose from, you can create the perfect nursery for your little darling.

Share Your Personality

You don’t have to stick to the common baby themes usually used for a nursery. You can add a splash of your own personality in this room. Choose bright colours and a modern feel for a nursery that is contemporary. Focus on scenes of nature and wildlife to start instilling your love of the wild outdoors in your child. Choose stripes, swirls and floating balloons to create a nursery that is reminiscent of a country fair. There is no limit to how fantastic you can make the nursery when you let your own imagination take over. Whatever you choose, your child is certain to love it, simply because you love it.

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