How to Fix Vertical Blind Slats

It’s fairly easy to fix vertical blind slats yourself, saving the expense of replacing your entire blinds. Not to mention the ease of switching out and replacing a broken slat, as opposed to installing new blinds.

Vertical blinds are a great way to let sunlight into your home, creating a bright, open space. They can also help to keep rooms cooler by keeping the sun out in the summer months, and are a great way to save on energy costs.

How to Fix Vertical Blind Slats

How to Fix Vertical Blind Slats

They’re often used to cover large windows such as patio doors, but they can be custom made to fit any size door or window. With these easy steps you’ll be able to fix your vertical blinds instead of investing in a new set.

Step 1:
Firstly, you’ll have to remove the blind slat so you need to open your blinds. Then lift up the slat from its hook (located on the holder). Curve it so you can open the holder and pull out the slat.

Step 2:
If your vertical blind slats are vinyl or aluminium with a spacer chain, you’ll need to detach the fastener screw that attaches the bottom of the slat to the spacer chain. Then feed the chain through to remove the broken slat.

If you have fabric blinds, unfasten the spacer chain from one side of the vertical blind slat and remove the weight from its pocket at the lower end of the slat to remove it.

Step 3:
To install a new slat, align it in the identical direction to the other slats. Grip the slat close to the top and carefully push it up into the holder. Then gently push it down until it locks into place.

Step 4:
For vinyl or aluminium vertical blinds, feed the spacer chain through the openings in the replacement slat and then through the existing slats to the spacer chain’s fastening point. To ensure you space the slats evenly, place a piece of card, (using the current space as a guide), in-between the existing slats and use this to get the correct position.

For vertical blinds with fabric slats, the process is much simpler. Make sure the fastener side is facing up and fasten the spacer chain to the slat weight.

Step 5:
If you need to fix the head rail of your blinds, take all of the slats out (as shown) and remove the head rail from the mounting brackets. You may need a helping hand with this step! Get someone to help you by holding one end of the blinds, to make sure the unit doesn’t fall when you remove the brackets.

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