Ikea Furniture: The Ultimate in DIY

Ikea is a privately owned company that sells low priced home products. The unique thing about Ikea is that you assemble these products yourself. Ingvar Kamprad founded Ikea in Sweden in 1943 with his idea of DIY furniture. Ikea furniture is best known for the modern designs it offers and the easy to assemble pieces they sell. You can save lots of money on shipping of these furniture pieces.

A good example of this is the comparison between the costs of shipping a bookshelf pre-assembled as opposed to a fully assembled one. Another reason is that a lot of Europeans use mass transit. This makes it simpler to transport these items to their homes. It’s very big in Europe and is finding some appeal in the United States.

Ikea Furniture

Ikea Furniture

This may change as more stores are opened and the concept is introduced to more Americans. Currently, there are just 33 Ikea stores in the U.S. so it’s a bit challenging to get furniture like this.

Assembling furniture is nothing new to Americans because lots of products need some home assembly. Ikea’s biggest problem is there aren’t enough stores to allow them to impact in a big way just yet. Some products offered include coffee tables, garden furniture, dining tables, hall furniture and other such items. One of the biggest challenges that Ikea has brought to the world is that of having to assemble things. It may explain Ikea’s slow growth in the U.S. Americans don’t like to have to take time out of their busy schedules to put things together.

However, the Ikea concept has really taken off in European countries where the people really don’t mind assembling things. In fact, it’s something they’re used to and like doing. The Ikea products are well designed and listed in their catalog if you want to order that way. Their collection is vast and come at affordable prices. It won’t be surprising to see more Ikea stores being built as their furniture becomes more in demand.

Once people catch onto the notion of being able to buy high quality furniture at prices they can afford, they just may not mind having to put it together themselves. In fact, it’s being able to put you individual stamp on it that may make it even more popular.

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