Loss of Suction Power in Vacuums

If you have ever owned a vacuum then you know how incredibly frustrating it can be to continuously go over and over a particular spot without picking up anything! The loss of suction that most bagless vacuums get over a few years of use usually results in people throwing them out and spending a hundred or more on a brand new vacuum.

Unfortunately most vacuums (including Dysin, Electrolux, Vax, and more) all struggle with dust especially brick dust and plaster dust because it immediately clogs up the filters. If your filters are then clogged your motor can burn out a lot earlier than it should and you can waste hundreds of dollars going through vacuums and subsequently destroying them when there is a simple solution: clean the filters.

Loss of Suction Power in Vacuums

Loss of Suction Power in Vacuums

Unlike their bagged friends, bagless vacuums rely heavily on their filters and this is both good and bad. Good that you don’t constantly have to buy and change the bags, but bad in the respect that they still need maintenance unlike many people think.

So how often should you clean out your vacuum filter? Unfortunately this is a little hard to answer because it truly depends on how much you use your vacuum and what types of materials you are cleaning up. If your house recently had some renovations and you are cleaning up a lot of dust from the construction then you should clean out the filter immediately afterwards. If you use it regularly to pick up dirt and pet hair then you can simply watch to see how powerful the suction is on your vacuum and clean it when you notice a decrease in suction.

The bad thing about some vacuums is that the filter can be difficult to get to. Before purchasing a bagless vacuum you should look at the location of the filter and also see if it is washable or if you have to completely replace it. Going for a washable one will save you money and time in the long run!

There are a variety of other small parts that can affect the suction power of your vacuum. If you check the filter and notice that it is still good then you may need to look a little deeper and find out the real problem. This is why having spare parts is always helpful because you can immediately repair your vacuum and get on with your cleaning! If you are looking for spares then request a part from Ransom Spares! The Ransom spares website can help you determine exactly what part you need and will give you the lowest price available!

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