Making the Right Choice between a Regular Mop and a Steam Mop

Traditional mops have been around for hundreds of years and very little has changed with its design. With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that this type of cleaning tool actually works quite well. But, because of the technological advancement we enjoy today, the cleaning industry has also taken advantage of having great new ideas to improve the cleaning performance of their products.

A regular mop started out with materials such as pieces of cloth that are nailed to a piece of stick and eventually it improved and comes in different designs and types. Nowadays, mops come with an aluminum handle or a wooden handle and use either a sponge head or a cotton head.

Making the Right Choice between a Regular Mop and a Steam Mop

Making the Right Choice between a Regular Mop and a Steam Mop

This type of mop is used commonly to sop up spillage and to clean the floor. To get rid of the extra fluids, you need to twist the mop head. This used to be done by hand but now it comes with a wringer attachment or a special bucket so you don’t need to have your hands dirty. Some are even more advanced that it automatically wrings itself when needed. Absorbent strings are also used as an upgrade to mop heads as they are more absorbent than yarn or cotton.

The regular mops are quite useful especially in wiping off excess fluids but it doesn’t do well in the disinfection department. This type of mop usually just pushes the dirt around and the germs continue to thrive.

Reading through steam mop reviews show that many customers opt for steam mops because it not only cleans their floors from dirt but it also gets rid of mites, germs and bacteria that you don’t want around in your homes. Steam mops are still quite new and it works pretty much like a steam iron. They run on electricity and are usually lightweight.

The mechanical system of the mop heats the water from its reservoir and turns it into steam. The steam is then pushed forward on the mop head when in used. The steam mop is the best steam cleaner as it can be used on any floor surface and you don’t need to use any other chemicals, just water. It also gets rid of water spots that are usually left behind by regular mops.

Steam cleaner reviews show that there are also downsides to this type of mop. Some users say that if there’s a stuck-on debris on the mop, it would need several passes to remove it. Also, when used on waxed floor surfaces, the steam tends to leave some marks. Others say the reservoir can be too small in some brands and cords are too short.

Steam mops are great for sanitation purposes but for tough debris, stuck food, spillage of liquids then the regular mop is better.

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