Maximising The Use Of Curtain Poles

To assume that curtain poles only serve a practical purpose would be missing the point spectacularly. Whilst they are in the home to do a job, many people choose to neglect their potential to add to the décor of the home and are often shocked at just how many options there are for “sprucing” them up. Here are a few short tips which should help you maximize the potential of your curtain poles.


One of the more simple yet elegant ways to add a bit of character to your curtain poles is through the addition of decorative finials. These are not only effective, but extremely convenient as they can very easily be slotted on to the end of either side of the pole. They are quite a regular sight in most homes, but often go unnoticed.

Maximising The Use Of Curtain Poles

Maximising The Use Of Curtain Poles

Many finials are designed with period s of history in mind, and it’s not uncommon to see many wooden finials which appear to be inspired by medieval times. On the other hand, those that take a more modern, contemporary style tend to be produced from metal or glass.


These are a much more modern, and subtle alternative to finials. These are best when slid around 10 centimetres along the pole, meaning that for people with space-constraints this shouldn’t be a problem. Although they are just as convenient as the aforementioned finials, the choices when it comes to midials are somewhat limited. In fact, you’ll struggle to find midials in many shapes other than circle and square. Don’t let this put you off though, as the variety of design pattersn and colours means that you shouldn’t really struggle to find something to suit most rooms.

Gliders and Rings

For those people not wanting to make a very drastic change, the addition of some new rings or gliders could be just the trick. Most curtain poles come with standard rings or gliders to enable you to hang the curtain; however these tend to be extremely plain and generic. Instead of just accepting them as a fixture, why not invest in a set of fancier, more flamboyantly coloured rings or gliders that will easily fit into existing décor without causing too much of a stir?

Holdbacks and Tiebacks

It’s easy to describe the purpose of these, as the names near enough do that for you. They are a great way to control the amount of light that gets into a room, but once again can be used to maximise the aesthetic value of a room in a similar manner to the other accessories named above.

It’s clear to see that there are many options to make sure that your curtain poles don’t just sit there fulfilling a purpose. When you consider the existing décor, colour schemes and the convenience of each addition, you should be able to find the right accessory to get the desired effect in any room.

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