Picking the Best Furniture for Small Spaces

Living in a small space can be rewarding but frustrating too – the pleasure of a simple and efficient life can be overwhelmed by the lack of storage and room to roam.

Picking the right furniture for your small home, apartment or studio is the best way to get the most out of your space; there is plenty of furniture from Tesco which will transform your small space into a pleasant and liveable hideaway.

Picking the Best Furniture for Small Spaces

Picking the Best Furniture for Small Spaces

Multipurpose furniture

When buying furniture, look for items that can be repurposed. For example, buy a bed that contains storage underneath (or has space to place storage boxes), or if you are really cramped for space, buy a sofa bed or futon that can serve as both a bed and seating.

Think Vertical

When floor space is limited, make sure you take full advantage of the height of the room. Put a pegboard on your kitchen wall to hang pots, pans and utensils rather than use up precious cabinet space. Keep your papers, files and supplies on wall shelving and store them in boxes so they can stack up. Try running shelving around the top of the room, above the windows, for a solution that keeps your things out of the way but still looks attractive. If you have a bookcase, don’t forget that you can store things on top of the bookcase as well as inside it.

Creative Solutions

When you run out of space, look for out-of-the-box solutions. Try using a folding desk tray instead of a traditional desk or table – these mount to the wall and fold down, giving you a place to write and place your laptop. Or go minimalist and forgo a desk altogether – use the kitchen table or a folding tray to write and keep your laptop on your knees. If you have any outdoor space, make sure you fully utilise this and treat it as another room (if you have room in your garden for a shed, this could actually be another room).

Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

The two most important tips for living in a small space are (1) be creative with your furniture choices, and (2) pare down. If you are smart with your décor but still don’t have space for all of your things, think long and hard about what you really need. Those old, cracked rainboots? Throw them away. Three dutch ovens? Give two to charity. Living in a small space is not all about what you have, but what you don’t.

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