Planning for a new Conservatory – What you need to know

The idea of adding a new conservatory to your home requires a bit of planning and a few important steps you need to take to turn the idea into reality. Popular in England and other European countries since the 1600s, conservatories today are more commonly known as solariums or sunrooms, in particular UPVC Conservatories offer a wide range of conservatory installers and information.

Planning for a new Conservatory - What you need to know

Planning for a new Conservatory – What you need to know

The basic idea remains the same, though – having a space that can be enjoyed year-round that brings the outdoors in without worrying about the weather.

First, you need to determine the size and style of your new conservatory. How much space do you have available? Is the ground where the conservatory will be built amenable? What will be the main use of the conservatory? The usage will help determine the best type of flooring to be used – wood, tile, or carpeting. Does the style you have chosen blend well with the architecture of the house and add to the general appearance?

For instance, you probably wouldn’t want to construct a highly-designed Victorian style conservatory on a sleek, modern style house. Is this type construction allowed in your area? Are permits and inspections required? Some areas are very strict while others are not when it comes to permits and inspections. With a little advance planning and homework on your part, you should be ready to start looking for a contractor.

Finding the right company to build your conservatory should be a top priority; one who specializes in this area of construction would be a better choice over a general contractor. Before deciding, request references and examples of the work they have completed. Any company that takes pride in their work will be happy to comply with these requests.

You may need to interview more than one company before finding the one you feel comfortable with and who will work with you from start to finish of the project. The possibilities of a conservatory are endless and often confusing to most people. A good, reputable company will have a representative who will help you through the process of choosing the proper style and design for your needs, all the way through the actual materials to be used.

Companies have been known to charge for top quality material and actually use a poorer grade. Be sure the contractor is open and honest when it comes to cost so there will be no unexpected surprises upon completion. Finally, enjoy your new conservatory!

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