Reducing Your Heating Costs

There are many ways to heat your home, and while some are extremely efficient at it, others are somewhat at a loss when it comes to reducing your heating costs. One of the newest and most efficient ways of heating your home is by using underfloor heating. These systems are fairly easy to install and can be completely maintenance free for most homeowners.

The best aspect is the fact that these systems radiate heat through the entire room rather than from one central point, like you would get from a stationary heater or fireplace.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

The underfloor heating system is placed under your flooring, whether it is hardwood or tile, and is capable of heating the entire area that it is installed in. When you have this heating system installed, it is highly suggested that you use insulation to keep the radiant heat from going into the subfloor and wasting energy. There are two main kinds of underfloor heating systems that homeowners can use. These are wet and dry systems.

A wet system utilizes small pipes that pump heated water through them. The pipes are laid out in a grid system for the room they are installed in and the heat is radiated upwards into the room through the flooring. These pipes are completely sealed, and there is very little chance of them ever leaking. The dry system uses electricity.

These systems are different from a wet system by the fact that there is a mat that is placed under the flooring instead of a grid of pipes. These mats have wires that run through them and are attached to the home’s electric system.  The mats are easily cut to make a perfect fit for the room they are being installed in, and they never get too hot to start a fire.

While there are plenty of options for heating your home, these underfloor heating systems have become some of the most popular aspects of heating the world has ever seen. Many high profile commercial businesses are starting to have these systems installed and more than one personal home being built today is having them installed as well. Popularity is definitely fueling the progress of these types of heating systems for now.

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