Selecting Your Wet Tile Saw

There are many DIY home improvements people can try on their own but they all require some kind of tools and among what most common project is done is the tile replacement. They are quite delicate and they get broken easily especially when kids are around when they get to drop some objects that are quite heavy and can damage those precious tiles. When dealing with projects for tile replacement, you’d definitely need a wet tile saw.

What this type of saw does is it uses water to keep the tiles and the saw cool. If it’s well lubricated, the tile fractures are reduced when cut. When selecting a wet tile saw you must consider these factors to make sure you’re getting the right one for your needs.

Selecting Your Wet Tile Saw

Selecting Your Wet Tile Saw

You’d need to look for the blade size that would be adequate for your needs. There are 4.5 inches blade and there’s also the 10 inches blades. The small blade is not as efficient so it’s best to get one that is wide as it lets you cut more tiles fast. The usual standard being used is at 7 inches.

There are different kinds of motors for tile saws so you must select the revolutions per minute as the higher it is, the more effective it becomes. You can find one with PM from 3,400 up to 5,400 but the 3,600 rpm is already suitable for many home improvement projects.

Check for the most efficient one available. Check the horse power if it’s high enough or not. ½ hp rating would be better than getting one with an hp rating of just 1/3. You should also find one that can cut in different ways. Miter and bevel type of cuts are common but if there are detachable adjustments then you can make different types of angled cuts.

Make sure you also check for warranty. You wouldn’t want one that has no warranty as if it gets broken, you already need to buy a new one. There are some who give a 1 year warranty while others give you 5 years. It’s better to find one with the longer warranty duration.

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