Shabby Chic – Still Chic!

You remember shabby chic – the look popularized in magazines from Martha Stewart to Country Living, where grandma’s linens and great Aunt Tillie’s quilts were all the rage. The funny thing is that shabby chic was never really in, or out, of style.

Floral Comforter Set

Floral Comforter Set

There’s always been people who like things that look a bit weathered and show the patina of age. Of course if you don’t have relatives and ancestors who passed down great stuff you’re kind of out of luck, or reduced to combing antique shops and flea markets for great vintage finds.

Bedding in particular is not so easy to stumble upon, which is why it’s nice to know some current manufacturers are producing shabby chic bedding twin, double, queen and even king comforter, sheets and pillow case sets – there’s actually a Vintage Chic bedding line you can find online. There’s also a retro trend where home bedding and gadgets are made to look old when they’re really not; things like vintage-looking fans and classic fifties mixers recall an heirloom tradition with all of the modern functionality we demand today.

One reason you’ll prefer modern shabby chic style bedding over genuine vintage goods is that today’s mattresses are so much bigger – extra-deep, which means you want deep pocket fitted bottom sheets and top sheets that don’t come up short. Also, let’s face it – we’ve got washers and dryers and we use them. Hand wash only is the rule for vintage goods and who has time for that!

Another fun thing about the shabby chic style is that anything goes – its okay and even desirable to mix and match patterns, prints and colors to get a look of faded elegance or slightly tattered glamour. So the next time you think about how nice it would be to have grandma’s old bedspread, jump online and browse for vintage bedding looks, retro chenille spreads, matelasse comforters and more – you’ll be amazed at what’s now in “old” bedding.

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