The Correct Installation of Plumbing Systems

The last few decades have seen an increase in do it yourself projects becoming amazingly popular with homeowners. They have come to find that it is much cheaper to be able to do the work themselves without having to contact a professional. One area of home repair where this especially rings true is in the home’s plumbing.

Plumbers make a good deal of money for doing the same things that anyone else can learn how to do with a few clicks of the mouse on the internet. Because of this, you should be able to fix just about any problems that might arise with your plumbing.

Plumbing Systems

Plumbing Systems

The sinks in your home will either be in your bathroom or kitchen, unless you have a utility room that has a sink in it; then you can add that room as well. These drains are mostly made from PVC plastic pipes although some older homes will have brass and chrome pipe fittings. In the kitchen, you will find that the drain pipes are usually 1 ½” and in the bathroom they could be 1 ¼” in size.

As you can guess, you will need to know the correct size of the pipes in order to replace them when the time comes.

When it comes to drains, you will have to distinct aspects. The first one is the standard vertical drain. These are the most common and have the “S” trap in them. The other kind is usually found in the kitchen and is connected to double sinks. These are called horizontal drains, and they will require a “P” trap instead of the “S” trap. The horizontal traps are usually found in homes that have been built in the last ten years, or have been remodeled by a professional plumber during the same time period.

You need to take your time in replacing any pipes in your home. If your workmanship is shoddy, you will more than likely find that it leaks on a regular basis. Putting the effort in to make it all fit together correctly will save you money and the stress that redoing everything can bring, too. Take the time to learn and research what you are going to do first.

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