The Differences Between a Spa and a Whirlpool Bath

Many people these days have an overabundance of stress and want a way to relax. One of those ways is by installing a whirlpool or spa tub in their bathroom so they can soak their worries and stress away.

The problem comes when someone isn’t too sure about which one they want, or that there is even a difference between the two, until it is already installed and they find it isn’t the one they wanted. The difference may be small to some people, but they can be a big headache for others.

Whirlpool Bath

Whirlpool Bath

For the most part, a whirlpool bath and a spa bath will both pump air into the water creating a nice relaxing atmosphere for soaking in. The whirlpool, however, will also pump water around in the tub along with the air. It may not seem like too much a difference, at first, until you sit in both and can feel it for yourself.

There is also a difference in cleaning these two tubs. The whirlpool only requires you to add a special solution to the water and let it run. It will clean out the entire system as it pumps the water and solution through the inner workings of the tub. The spa requires a solution to sit and soak thoroughly instead of running it as it only pumps air through.

When it comes to picking out the right tub for you, you should consider the way the tub works and how sturdy your floor is. A whirlpool can handle much more water as it circulates the water through the tub, making it weigh a lot more once you have it running. If your floor is weak, then you could end up with more problems than you need.

You will also have to consider the water access when thinking of which tub to purchase. For the most part, a spa tub only needs a bathtub faucet to fill, whereas some whirlpools will require a separate water access to run through the pump and into the tub, and one to fill the tub with. Having to add an additional line to your tub could require a fair amount of work and, possibly, more money.

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