The Turkish Bath House

While everyone considers a bath to be a great way to get clean, and an even better way of relaxing, there are a few differences in how a bath works. For most modern people in the west, it is simply filling a tub with hot water and getting in, using your soap and various other articles to clean yourself, and maybe reading a few chapters in a book to relax.

But for some people, a bath is much more than just about getting clean or relaxing. The Middle Eastern culture has a long history of using a bath as a religious ceremony, representing the cleansing of the soul and body before entering a temple.


Turkish Bath

The difference in a Turkish bath and a western bath is that the Turkish aspect is more like a sauna instead of a tub of water. They are set up with adjoining rooms and the person in the bath will move from room to room to experience the Turkish bath.

The first room, known as the warm room, contains warm dry air that is ventilated so that the person in the bath doesn’t have any problems with breathing. Once they are used to this heat, they move on to the next room.

The next room is the hot room and it’s comprised of hotter air and steam. This allows the pores in your skin to open up and let the sweat flow freely. While sitting in this room, the person can relax and let the heat soak in through every pore. When they are ready, they move onto the next room, which has a cold water bath in it.

Here they will wash off all the sweat, letting the cold water reclose the pores in the skin. Once this is done, they move on to the cooling room where they can relax and regain their natural body temperature.

These baths are created much the same way as the ancient Roman baths and have pretty much the same effect. This way you can cleanse your body and relax without having to worry about where the soap disappeared to, or how you are going to get to that place in the middle of your back. What could be better?

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