Tips for Do It Yourself Plumbing

Some people love to get their hands dirty with do it yourself jobs around the home. This can be anything from changing a door handle to renovating an entire room. Doing these jobs yourself can save you loads of money but there are times when you need a professional to do the work for you.

Plumbing is no different than anything else you can do around the home, but the first thing you need to understand is that close to 80% of home plumbing disasters come from people trying to do it themselves with no knowledge of plumbing.



The first tip you should keep in mind is to be reasonable about the amount of time and work the job is going to take. If it’s something simple like replacing the trap under a sink, then you shouldn’t have too many issues involved. However, if it’s something major like rerouting pipes or installing a new shower system, you should make sure you are able to do the job and do it right.
When you start on your do it yourself journey, make sure that you have all the tools you will need ready to go. Nothing is worse than having to hunt down a tool while you’re in the middle of trying to fix something only to find out you lent it to a friend and they haven’t brought it back yet. You will also need to know where your water turn-off is.

You will need to shut off the water to the house from the main line. While there might be shut off valves under sinks and for the toilet, shutting the water off at the main will guarantee that you don’t have any leaking water where you are working.
If you are able to plan the job that you are going to be doing, instead of having an emergency popping up in the middle of the night, take the time to research all the ways you can go about doing it right. You would be surprised at how many people think that replacing the wax ring for a toilet is a simple job, until they find their toilet sitting in the middle of the floor for three days.

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