Tips to Consider When Buying a Snow Thrower in 2012

When you are thinking about buying a snowblower, you should know how to shop for the best possible snowblower. Well, as you will soon find out, the engine type of the machine is extremely important. The size of the engine determines its power and reliability, so the engine should be the first thing to consider. Although one stage blowers are cheaper than their two stage counterparts, they clear a narrower path can cannot be used on all surfaces.

Additionally, a one stage snowblower cannot handle frequent heavy snows. On the other hand, if you only experience light snowfalls, there is no reason to purchase a two stage snowblower. When you have figured out the appropriate size of the engine, you can move on to the next step. Here is a quick review on the main benefits and disadvantages of the snowblowers equipped with the two different engine types.

In the case of a one stage snowblower, the metal and rubber auger rotates very fast. The auger, when in contact with the ground, digs up the snow, directing it into a release chute, which throws it out. Such a machine is a lighter one and requires less maintenance than a two stage snowblower. This engine type is powered by a mix of gas and oil and is not suitable to be used on gravel. You definitely need a two stage snowblower if you leave in an area with frequent wet and heavy snows.

On the other hand, a two stage blower easily clean a wider path, as it is much powerful than a one stage snowblower. Obviously, this is a heavier model and has a higher price tag. This machine can be used on all surfaces as it uses a slowly spinning metal auger. The snow is gathered by the auger, reaching into an impeller from where is discharged. This self-propelled machine can easily move even heavy weight snows. Its engine is a four cycle one and thus, requires only fuel. If you live in an area with frequent snowbound, it would be best to purchase a giant snowblower.

Prior of purchasing any type of snowblower, it is highly recommended to read all the available user reviews and ratings to find out which is truly the best snowblower. This is also an additional tip on how to choose the right snowblower. It is time to finally get rid of the shovel and get a snowblower.

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