Top Three Things to Look for in a Snowblower

As you might have noticed, snowblowers are widely available in various forms, shapes and sizes, making quite difficult to understand which are the essential features. You can choose from electric and gas snowblowers, each of them with various different functions and features to consider. Read on for the top three features you need to consider when shopping for a snowblower:

1. Power– obviously, snowblowers are available in engines with different power to best suit almost all needs. Extremely powerful snowblowers are available on the market but they are rather expensive. You need to consider the average amount of snow your area gets in wintertime and choose the power of the snowblower according to your needs.

Top Three Things to Look for in a Snowblower

Top Three Things to Look for in a Snowblower

For instance, you might really use a snowblower equipped with a 9 horsepower engine, if you have large and frequent snow storms during winter. On the other hand, a smaller snowblower is just perfect for you, if you only have snowstorms of a couple of inches.

2. Deadman control – this is an extremely important safety issue with your snowblower. Deadman control is a feature that stops the snowblower, when the control is released, in case you happen to pick up debris or something else or the machine gets away somehow. Don’t forget that you are dealing with a snowblower with a powerful engine and you definitely ant to avoid picking up anything that could seriously damage your machine.

3. Blade – on some snowblower models the auger also includes a blade, which is more than welcomed when dealing with stiff snow and ice. Without the blade, the snow removal from the frozen sidewalks and driveways could be extremely tedious. In such case, the blade on the snowblower will cut up the ice and than easily remove it.

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