What to do with Old Carpeting

Designer rugs and carpets are, as you are probably aware, not just rolls of textile hand woven by an artisan or spat out by a machine, but a composite of different materials. There are several parts to a carpet or rug including the fibres, the backing and in the case of permanent home carpeting, the padding.

What to do with Old Carpeting

What to do with Old Carpeting

All of these parts are made from different materials. Carpet fibres are often made from synthetic fibres, which can be polypropylene, polyester or nylon. Natural fibres used are wool or cotton. The backing material that the fibres are woven into is often made from latex or PVC. Carpet padding is usually foam rubber.

Sadly an entire strip of used carpeting cannot be recycled directly. However that doesn’t mean you should just go and dump it in the local landfill! The used carpet/rug can be broken down to its component parts and then recycled. Unfortunately though at present carpet recycling can be quite expensive. Also carpet recycling centres are few and far between.

The expense of recycling carpets and rugs comes down to the time it takes. Taking into consideration how much carpeting is used in one home let alone the entire country, the costs can quickly add up.

So if you don’t want to add to the 400,000 plus tonnes of carpeting that is dumped into landfill sites in the UK every year and can’t afford the recycling costs then repurpose your old carpeting- there are a surprisingly large number of things old carpeting can be used for.

1) Contact a local carpet dealer to see if they have a use for it, who knows they may even be able to remunerate for your troubles! Failing that try and find a local reuse centre.

2) Take it to a local allotment- there are a surprising number of tasks that carpeting can be used for in an allotment. It is used to insulate compost heaps or grass in the winter. It can be used to keep weeds at bay on paths. Wool carpeting is high in nitrogen and can promote plant growth.

3) Local animal shelters use old carpet as ideal bedding for kennels.

4) Windscreen cover – in the winter and especially up north you can save yourself time every morning by cutting some old carpet to fit your windscreen- it will prevent it frosting over during the night.

5) Due to its heat retention qualities, old carpeting is an excellent material for home insulation. If you don’t already have professional insulation then use some old carpet and save money on your heating bills.

6) Pond lining – as strange as it sounds, carpeting can be used to line a pond!

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