What You Should Know About Fireplaces

Prior to selecting the best fireplace for your home, you should consult with a professional about such things as fuel sources, fitting and heat output. The size of the fire is very important because if it’s too big, it can overpower the room, and too small will make it hardly noticeable. Also consider the size of the opening of the chimney.

Your next choice will be whether or not you want a log burning fireplace or a gas fireplace. These look very similar and the gas fireplace is a lot simpler to maintain. It’s usually up to you which you get if you’re having a new one installed because there are different aspects involved.

What You Should Know About Fireplaces

What You Should Know About Fireplaces

If your home doesn’t have a chimney, you can still have working gas fires. You’ll just have to fan it or a duct can be attached to the wall outside of it. Some models don’t need an outside duct. Fanned flue fireplaces use a fan to expel the exhaust gases and needs a power supply, but they can be fitted right onto most walls. Balanced flue fireplaces must be installed onto the outside wall.

Contemporary fireplaces can use gas, electric or gel for a fire. Some fires are made from fire baskets or burners. Others use metal rods that heat the room while giving it a warm glow. There’s a new trend that uses hole in the wall styles. This does away with having a hearth and uses inset gas fires. These styles are usually more suitable to smaller rooms.

Other versions of fireplaces are gas and electric stoves. The electric stoves have an electric fan heater with a flame effect front. These are more for decoration than a true heat source. However, they’re pretty effective in adding extra heat in a small room. The gas stoves have ceramic logs or coals more for effect than anything else.

When it comes to the kind of fuel to be used for open fires, you’ll need to be picky. House smoke isn’t allowed in areas that are smoke controlled. Wood is convenient but they’re also not allowed in areas that are smoke controlled. That’s why you need to consider the type of fuel you’ll be using when you make your final selection of a fireplace.

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