Which Door Handle is Right for You?

Door handles are often forgotten about or pushed to the back of the queue when it comes to decorating. Whilst it is ideal to come up with a colour scheme, furniture ideas and decorative accessories, it is important to remember the even the smallest bit of detail.

It is easy to forget just how many door handles there are in a single house. Used frequently and essential for security, privacy and access, they are often looked at a simply a functional device that does not fit into the design process.

Which Door Handle is Right for You?

Which Door Handle is Right for You?

However, handles don’t just exist on the obvious doors such as the front and back door, they appear on cupboards, drawers and showers. By ensuring these are all well matched, attractive and clean will make the home appear much more professional and sleek.

The majority of people who decide to decorate their home forget about the sheer variety in styles and designs of a door handle. The selection is huge and finding the perfect one for a door is easier than most will first think.

It is firstly worth noting how often a particular handle that is used before deciding on a suitable material. Due to the fact that they are touched on a regular basis and will require frequent and thorough cleaning, certain materials will fail to last a long time. Chrome door handles are ideal for wiping, however they are prone to scratches and scuffs. On the other hand, leather is incredibly endurable but will be highly inappropriate to feature in a kitchen where germs and bacteria tend to develop.

It is also worth considering the colour of the doors. For instance, if a door is black then buying handles that are the same colour will save on cleaning and maintaining. Although they will still need to be appropriately cleaned, the need to do it so often will be significantly reduced.

Porcelain, glass and even crystal can be used to make door handles and are all designed to add a touch of class and sophistication to an interior. These may look pretty but they require a high degree of maintenance and need polishing on a regular basis. These types of door handles are definitely ideal for those with a bigger budget.

Whichever design is chosen, be sure that it matches the colour scheme, theme and the feel of all rooms within the home. Ensuring that they all match will ensure that the home is attractive and professional.

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