Why Attic Ventilation Is Crucial

Attic is a place usually used for storage and is therefore the most neglected part of any house. It is only when one needs to store away appliances or bring down stuff that one visits the attic. However, one must realize the importance of attics and ventilation of the place to keep it airy and spacious.

The things that are stored in an attic need to be stored in good state so that they don’t become damp or infected by mold and other stuff that have tendencies of growing in damp and atmosphere that is not well ventilated.

Well ventilated attics can also prove to be advantageous during the hot sultry weather months of summer. It is necessary to keep the attic cool in order to keep your whole house cooler. As a result, the cooling cost of air conditioner also reduces to a great extent. Therefore, not only is attic insulation necessary, proper measures must be taken to keep the attic cool too. Even the insulation might be of no use causing a rise in the temperature of your house if the attic is not kept well ventilated.

Usually asphalt shingles which are used in building attics are said to last longer if maintained at a lower temperature. Asphalt shingles are generally made in a way that they are durable even in the summer heat. Nevertheless, poor ventilated attics cause them to get heated up but the durability decreases over time.

In the cooler months, other problems may arise. Winter months means that the attic will tend to become more damp and moist. You must take every precaution to keep away the development of moisture. It can make your attic smelly and unhygienic too due to growth of mold and mildew that thrive best in such conditions.

Vapor barriers are not always sufficient to keep moisture at bay since there are other sources like ceiling light fixtures, exhaust fans and moisture condensing in the rooftops. Ensure that there are no leaks in the roof that might lead to the attic. All of this can be prevented to a great extent by attic ventilation.

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