Wood Siding Installation Tips

A common mistake made with the installation of wood siding is in not sealing the material before it’s installed. The wood must be protected or any paint or stain that’s applied later may not last. Any moisture that gets in the wood will cause the filming, blistering or peeling of the stain. It’s very important to use back primer when installing cedar redwood or any wood containing high chemical contact.

Another serious mistake commonly made during wood siding installation is neglecting to put felt under the wood siding. You can also use water resistant building paper. This, along with using the proper nails, will ensure that your wood siding is installed correctly.

Wood Siding Installation

Wood Siding Installation

When installing wood siding, there are some basic necessities you must have. These include the wood siding, hammer, corner boards, circular saw, siding nails, measuring square, and scaffolding. Use overlapping horizontal boards that run 4 to 12 inches wide with a 2 inch overlap. Fasten siding to a wall frame using various horizontal joints such as a rabbeted bevel, a plain bevel, V-ship lap or a tongue.

Siding boards are cut with a circular saw. A measuring square is used to cut each board into precise squares. This keeps uneven joints from being seen and giving an unattractive look to the wall.

Scaffolding is required to complete a single story building working from the low end to the top. Install the lowest siding board so that there’s an inch under the foundation at the top of the wall. Then, nail the siding through the beveled edge of the board and into each stud on the bottom of the upper board.

The material on the top board’s width is shortened by ripping it along the length, which lets it fit against the soffit. Cover the ripped edge with frieze board. When siding is installed on gable ends, it is cut using the precise angle of the pitch of the roof where the fascia or rake meets a wall.

Accuracy is vital when installing wood siding. Therefore, measure everything carefully before you cut or nail anything. You want the siding to be fitted just right against the doors and window frames when the siding is complete. In that way, it will look perfect.

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